Toyota Prius C 2012 – 2013

With more than 1 Million sold to date, Toyota began to expand the Prius Gen 3 family just the Liftback to other niches. The 2012 Prius C is the smallest of the Prius family, officially a compact size vehicle when compared to the midsize Liftback. The five-door hatchback costs $5,000 less than the midsize Liftback. The Prius C features an all aluminum 1.5L internal combustion engine, rated at 73-hp (53 kW) at 4,800 rpm and 82 ft.-lb. of torque at 4,000 rpm, in addition to new 12-volt water pump, Variable Valve Timing with intelligent cylinder heads, cooled EFR and more. The powertrain is paired with a new smaller continuously variable transmission (CVT) is not water cooled, but rather cooled by automatic transmission fluid. In addition, the Prius C is fitted with a more compact version of the Hybrid Synergy Drive that features a 0.9 kWh 144-volt NiMH battery. The compact delivers an EPA 53 mpg combined mileage (53 cities and 47 highways). Of note, the Prius C cannot accept a hitch or tow anything. The compact has been selling well. For those who like its lower price and can do without towing and more interior space, this Prius C may be the ideal choice.