Toyota Camry Hybrid 2012 – 2013

For 2012, Toyota completely redesigned the Camry Hybrid, by combining a hew hybrid-electric powertrain with reduced vehicle weight, improved aerodynamics and other efficiencies. Now available in either the base LE or higher end XLE trim levels, both feature the updated Hybrid Synergy Drive that delivers a class-leading EPA fuel rating of 41 mpg combined (43 cities and 39 highways). The new larger 2.5L, four-cylinder, Atkinson cycle engine, 105 kW electric motor, and 245-volt NiMH battery pack combine to deliver 200-hp, up 13-hp from the prior year. The 2012 Camry Hybrid offers 17-inch low rolling resistance tires for the first time that offer improved grip over previous years. The Camry Hybrid is pleasant to drive on public roads, will good control and confident braking. But it is still a Camry in nature, with soft springs and plenty of roll, a ride that will appeal to some, but not others.