Toyota Avalon Hybrid 2013

In the 2013 model year, Toyota introduced a hybrid version of the Avalon sedan. It brings together a 2.5L, four-cylinder Atkinson cycle engine (rated at 156-hp at 5,700 rpm) with a 244.8-volt NiMH battery pack and two high output electric motors (rated at 105 kW total) — the same drivetrain and the 2012 Camry Hybrid. Combined, the powertrain delivers 200-hp, provides 0 to 60 mph acceleration in 8 seconds, that delivers an EPA rated 40 mpg combined rating (40 cities and 39 highway). Like other newer generation hybrids, the Avalon offers drivers several distinct driving modes. Of note, Toyota has tried to equip and positioned the Avalon as “elegant and athletic,” so it appeals to both younger and older drivers. Interior décor is luxurious and spacious, while the dash clearly shows the vehicle’s high tech pedigree. Its needle- display readily shows hybrid power output and regenerative energy capture. In addition, the multi-information touchscreen display assists with eco-sensitive driving, two types of climate control systems, navigation and infotainment.