Toyota Auris Hybrid 2010 – 2013

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Available only in Europe, Toyota began selling the Auris Hybrid in 2010, as an alternative to its diesel powered Auris. The hybrid version is priced that same as 2.0L diesel alternatives. The Auris Hybrid uses the same technical architecture as the Prius Gen 3. It comes equipped with a 1.8L, 16-valve VVT engine that produces 98-bhp on its own, which can be boosted to 134-bhp when supplement by the hybrid system. A continuously variable transmission allows drivers to select between EV, Eco and Power drive modes. The Auris Hybrid is not only just one of the first hybrids to be produced in Europe, it presents a serious challenge as a greener, fuel efficient to diesel, which has traditionally be preference for Europeans. It is a major cog in Toyota’s European strategy to shift away from diesel to hybrids. To date, very low hybrid warranty claims have allowed this hybrid vehicle to being winning the battle in terms of costs, from initial purchase through longer term. The Auris Hybrid is not yet available in the U.S.