Lexus GS 450h 2007 – 2012

This is the first luxury sport sedan with a hybrid powertrain sold in North America. Its mission is to provide the power of a big V8 with six-cylinder fuel economy in a car that is satisfying to drive aggressively, and it does indeed accomplish that mission. Real-world fuel economy is reported to be 23 mpg, and while that’s not good for a hybrid vehicle, it’s about 1/3 better than other high-powered sports sedans. The 3.5L engine and two electric motors combine to deliver 340 horsepower to the rear wheels.

The long list of luxury features includes heated and cooled seats, adaptive suspension with ‘comfort’ and ‘sport’ settings, adaptive headlights, a high-end audio system, and Toyota’s Safety Connect telematics system that provides stolen-vehicle tracking and automatically calls for help if the airbags deploy. The optional Dynamic Cruise Control system includes pre-collision safety features like seatbelt pre-tensioners.

Many reviewers considered this car overpriced when new, but its used-car prices are considered closer to its real value. Most Lexus owners are quite impressed with the dealership service experience, but it will be expensive. Any aftermarket shop that services hybrid vehicles will have no trouble with this one.

There was one Safety Recall to replace the fuel pressure sensor gasket that may leak while the car is being driven, and there was a Service Bulletin to fix unintended active headrest activation (part of the pre-collision safety system). Lexus also issued a Service Bulletin for all their vehicles to address poor battery life in their Smart Keys. Otherwise this car seems to be as reliable as any other Lexus.

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