Certification Process

ACDC Qualified Hybrid Automotive Center

ACDC has had a program since 2006. That is when the market place asked for one.

ACDC has had a program since 2006. That is when the market place asked for one.

Do you want to be known as a Qualified Hybrid Repair Center? This program is very simple. No contract or red tape.

  1. Do you know how to fix a hybrid?
  2. Have you trained with us?
  3. Do you need a good hybrid/ EV reference book updated bi-yearly?
  4. Can you use more HEV/ PHEV / EV customers?

QSP = Qualified Shop Program

Qualified Hybrid Tech = Qualified Hybrid Automotive Tech … has taken our 8 hour live class or our 9 hour on-line class

Advanced Hybrid Tech = Advanced Hybrid Automotive Tech … ASE Certified Tech in A1, A2, A6, A8, L1 and have taken ACDCs 8 hour live hybrid class.

Master Hybrid Tech = Master Hybrid Automotive Tech … ASE Certified Master with L1 and have taken ACDCs 6 day hybrid class Up Your Voltage!

In order for you to be known as an ACDC Qualified Hybrid Automotive Center and a Qualified or Master Hybrid Automotive tech; ACDC will require the following:


What the Shop / Tech Must do:
1. You are / have an ACDC Hybrid Tech.
2. Only a ACDC Hybrid Tech will service, diagnose or repair the hybrid vehicles left for service. Exceptions are hybrid repairs and service that has absolutely nothing to do with the fact the vehicle is a hybrid. Note: An oil change is a hybrid service but it can be a supervise service by a Hybrid Tech.
3. Have passed the 50 Question ACDC test with 80% or higher. 20 question re-up quiz.  Quiz is now on-line.
4. Own (or the shop you work at) a pair of 1000 volt, Class 0, rubber protective gloves in good condition and valid within 6 months of the last glove HV Test.
5. Own your own CAT III 1000 volt  DVOM, with CAT III leads and ends.
6. You own or have access to a factory scanner with updated software for the hybrid vehicles you work on or a good aftermarket scanner that works well with the hybrid you are on.
7. You have internet access at your shop and subscribe to the OEM web sites for the Hybrid you work on (It is OK to subscribe as needed)
8. Your service writers have been trained by you or ACDC and will consult their Hybrid Tech as needed when hybrids are left for service.
9. You have a way of handling customers complaints that satisfies the state and city laws
10. ACDC’s qualification expires yearly.



What ACDC will do for you:
1. Train your staff, techs, etc. (this is an additional cost). You can take ACDC’s 6-day workshop or you can take an 8 hour class in your area or on-line training.
2. Send 2 Qualification Color Certificates
3. List your shop on ACDCs consumer web site.
4. Send you one updated ACDC B/W manual per shop at no additional fee bi-annually. List is $150.00.
5. Provide tech support as time allows.
6. Send a quarterly newsletter via E mail.
7. Help market your business. Hybrid hats ($12.00) Patches ($9.00). Banners at cost.
8. Include your shop name in correspondence with national media when possible.
1. Cost for this Qualification program is $250 per year for one shop at one site. $50 for each additional tech at the same shop. Additional sites are $150.00 per site. (Note additional fees above).

2. Re-up is yearly and a new B/W HEV/EV book will be sent every other year at no extra fee (except shipping) each spring when the new version is available. Want a color book add $100 more.

3. No long term contracts to sign.

4. We have a dedicated staff person, Rick, to assure you that your involvement will be worth your time and money.  Contact Rick at 413 289 6113 or E mail Rick@fixhybrid.com

Short Version
Every year you send us 250 bucks at renewal time. Then ACDC lists you on our web site for the next year. We help you grow your hybrid business.

Upgrade to a Higher Level of Support 

A look at the costs to get into the HEV / EV business to help you decide what to do.  35-229x300

Prep before you take the test here

Quizes for ACDC Qualified Shops:


Last Updated 02/21/2014