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Who is ACDC?

The sponsor for this web site is Automotive Career Development Center (ACDC). We are an automotive training company that specializes in HYBRID and ELECTRIC VEHICLE training for independently owned shops. ACDC also provides updated training, tools and equipment and technical support to these qualified hybrid shops.

Independent Technicians everywhere are learning about HEV and EVs.


Q. Why did we create this site?
A. To help educate consumers about what hybrid to buy, especially a used hybrid or electric car.

Q How do I know that your recommend shops are going to treat me right?
A. These shops are connected to ACDC out of desire, not a franchise. We help them help you.

Q. How did you decide what cars to recommend or not?
A. It is based on the cars that get fixed at shops, technicians input and our research.

Q. Who writes the vehicle reviews.
A. Jacques Gordon, a respected writer for the repair industry. Craig Van Batenburg will add input, but Jacques does the work.

Q. What can I do if I don’t see a hybrid shop in my area?
A. Contact ACDC and we will see who has trained with us that has not joined the program. We will then put you in touch with them.

Q. Can I add my comments to this site
A. Yes, we love input, both good and bad. Send it to Happy@fixhybrid.com and mention this site. She is our web master.

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